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In these two online courses you will have the opportunity to virtually work side by side with Nicole Austin as she teaches how to create in both "Collage Paper Party" and "Stories Beneath the Skin"

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Description of "Collage Paper Party":

Are you curious about how to transform book pages and blank papers into something creative, vibrant, and full of life? Would you like to let your creative spirit and intuition run free while learning achievable techniques and methods for making collage papers? Would you like to learn how to create with a variety of paints, pens, Gelli plates, and so much more? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you are in the right place.

Nicole Austin has brought her “Collage Paper Party'' online course exclusively to Create Arts Online. Nicole has taught hundreds of students how to use a wide variety of materials to create wildly fun and creative abstract paper prints that can be used for many different mixed media projects.

In this course you will learn:

  • Nicole’s favorite paints, pens, and other supplies
  • How to use a Gelli plate and braer
  • How to add stencils to your collage papers
  • How to layer different paints in your work
  • How to create texture with mark making methods
  • How to use oil pastels for more depth and dimensions
  • How to add the collage papers to mixed media works

Nicole demonstrates how to create balanced compositions with simple art elements such as balance, contrasting colors, and textures to keep the eye interested and not overwhelmed. This course is great for anyone who has the desire to create collage papers while learning new tips and techniques. These papers can be used in mixed media art, or used as gift wrapping, gift cards, and so much more.

This course includes a PDF suggested list of all the supplies and materials for download.

Description of "Stories Beneath the Skin":

Are you curious how to draw faces and create facial expressions with easy to learn techniques? Do you feel intimidated when you draw a face that you feel won’t be perfect? In this online course Nicole Austin gives you the skills to create your own expressive faces as you follow along while she creates each face with a new technique added.

Nicole has brought her tried and true methods of creating expressive and unique faces to her online course “Stories Beneath the Skin.” One of Nicole’s passions is bringing a blank page to life with easy to draw facial features, bold colors, and mixed media materials.

Watch and learn as Nicole creates eight different versions of her unique spin on drawing faces that can be achieved by anyone at any level of art. You will be able to work alongside Nicole virtually as she guides you on each of her methods. All you need is an open mind and a creative spirit.

In this course you will learn:

  • The best paper to work on
  • Nicole’s favorite pens, pencils, and paints
  • Simple techniques for drawing lines that will become the face
  • How to create shading and highlights
  • How to add skin tones with different painting techniques
  • How to create depth with Nicole’s specialized methods
  • How to use color to add mood with a stylized approach
  • How to add texture and dimension with mixed media materials
  • How to gain skills and confidence with each drawing
  • How to create a unique look while expressing your creative voice

Adding this course to your artistic tool box will help you develop the skills to create your own style of drawing faces. Once you have mastered Nicole’s skills there will be no end to the amount of stories you can tell from beneath the skin.

Included in this course is a PDF for download of the suggested materials and supplies.

Your Instructor

Nicole Austin
Nicole Austin

I started my journey as an artist as most of us do: in childhood! My earliest memories are of scribbling on every surface I could get my hands on--books (I was an early, altered-book enthusiast!), walls and tables (not a favorite of the adults in my house!), sidewalks--you name it! My artistic desire knew no bounds! I always knew I wanted to be an artist, author and teacher, and I have slowly taken my time navigating through every possible route to achieve my dreams. I have not always done it the "right way" or even gotten to my goal on the first try (who does?) but I've never given up! (Or, I have given up--haven't we all hit a wall or two or three in our lives? BUT, I've gotten back up and tried again and again and again, each time a little wiser and with a different approach). I started formally teaching art in 2001 at elementary schools and community centers and graduated San Jose State University with a BA in Creative Arts in 2005. I discovered the amazing world of mixed media art in 2007, when I started my first blog; There I chronicled my adventures as a mom and artist. I attended my first art retreat, Artfest, in 2008 where I became aware that there were many others just like me who longed for community and creative knowledge. There, I met an amazing group of ladies, the Bay Area Art Sisters, with whom I could learn and grow as an artist feel comfortable just being my weird, artsy self! I began teaching my first informal workshops to my friends and family over the years and now I teach online, as well as at studios, retreats and private events around the country.

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Collage Paper Party with Nicole Austin
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Nicole Austin
Stories Beneath the Skin with Nicole Austin
Express your stories while learning new techniques
Nicole Austin

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